A More Effective Model

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over years of counseling rebellious and troubled boys, it’s that institutions are not the solution. Heavily-structured formats make boarding schools more manageable for staff, but they are less helpful for the young men who return to daily lives that look nothing like the boarding schools they left. That’s why our approach is family-based, with a real-life routine. Our careful balance of structure and spontaneity gives us room to cultivate relationships, deal with real-life problems and form strong bonds of brotherhood. Plus, our family format means their about-face is supported from all sides, by a band of brothers and a team of elders.

Here are the six guiding convictions we run our camp by:


The right situations
spark the right conversations.

We place rebellious sons in real-life situations with clear and absolute boundaries. It’s when they run afoul of these boundaries that the door to growing opens. Misconduct is addressed in the moment with strategic consequences. Over time, rough edges get sanded down, bad attitudes chiseled away – building a noble young man. This structure allows for a more free flowing, raw counseling so that we are able to get to and address the root issue. Our experience is that this approach is far superior to structured group counseling. 


Brothers are builders.

One of the most visible differences at Summit’s View is the accountability culture among our young men. Advancing in rank is done only with peer approval. This takes place at the Round Table which is conducted on a weekly basis. Peers are encouraged to provide constructive criticism, positive feedback and advice. In return, new residents learn quickly that, unlike their peers at home, their brothers here are not impressed by their unruly behavior. Instead, they are encouraged to become honorable and mature – and everyone’s their ally in the process


See, do, teach.

We use a peer to peer growth process that encourages young men to be active participants in the growth of their brothers and themselves. “See, do, teach” outlines the basic phases of this growth strategy. See a boundary or behavior. Do it, yourself, until mastery. Teach others to follow your example.


“Tools for your tool bag”

We equip young men to handle the external and internal challenges they’re sure to face throughout their lives – and we do it in a way that is unapologetically masculine. We give young men room to adventure, get dirty and test their limits. Honest, corrective conversations happen holding fishing poles, tire irons and footballs – no sterile group sessions needed.


Change that happens fast doesn’t last.

As their parent, you’ve been on their side year after year, even when things got tough. You know that change doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process that can’t be hurried. That’s why we believe in giving young men time to make a change and let it marinate. We offer a variety of program options, from nine months to over a year. It’s one of the reasons our return rate is so low: because our process is decidedly slow.


Jesus makes all things new.

No true change in course can happen without a change in heart, first. We counsel young men to learn the wisdom of the Bible and to know Jesus, its embodiment and origin. Jesus is not just part of our structure, he’s part of our culture.

Give your son and your family a fresh start.

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